How About Traveling Within Korea?

Even though the event took place in February (and I had no time to write about) I want to share my impressions about the Korea Travel Expo 2017, which was held at COEX in Gangnam, Seoul. The entrance fee was 5,000 Won and the event lasted from Thursday to Sunday.

The aim of his yearly expo is to promote various travel destinations within Korea. They divided the hall into regions, where various cities offered information and typical regional foods and beverages. Besides all the pamphlets and samples you could receive, you were also able to participate in free small activities. For example to color your own little purse, to make flowers out of tteok, to compete in quizzes and win a price (if your Korean is good enough), and more. Furthermore, booths were also selling their products and I am very happy with my sea-food banchan I bought.

Most of the participating regional representatives could speak a bit English, plus some of the info material was available in English as well.  So if you are staying in Korea for a little bit, I recommend to visit the fair next year. Korea has so many hidden gems, you only need to find them.

Korea Travel Expo 2017 Areas

Korea Travel Expo 2017 Photowall

Korea Travel Expo 2017 Photocorner

Korea Travel Expo 2017 Balloon

Korea Travel Expo 2017 Purse

Korea Travel Expo 2017 Booth

Korea Travel Expo 2017 Booth

Korea Travel Expo 2017 Banchan


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