A Culinary Adventure to the Jeonju Bibimbap Festival

One of the many traditional foods Korea has to offer is Bibimbap. The dish is served in a bowl of rice, topped with various vegetables and red chilly pepper paste (Gochujang).  You then mix the Gochujang with all the other ingredients by yourself and enjoy your meal. The city of Jeonju is famous for its Bibimbap and therefore holds it’s yearly Jeonju Bibimbap Festival.

In Jeonju’s Hanok Village, people from all over the country come to enjoy the delicacy of the city. Besides a cooking contest where visitors are also invited to try the creations, you can also enjoy performances and concerts. Due to the festival’s location, you can also combine your visit to the festival and enjoy Hanok Village ; a village with traditional houses from Joseon dynasty, at the same time.

It takes around 2,5 to 3 hours by express bus from Seoul to Jeonju, and the entrance of the festival is free. The festival takes places in the second half of the year, so follow my blog to keep you updated about the dates.

For people able to read Korean, the festival’s website offers further information: http://www.bibimbapfest.com.
20141025_115449The entrance to Jeonju’s Hanok Village.

20141025_125054Visitors listening to a traditional performance.

20141025_134400_471Different teams preparing their Bibimbap.

20141025_134455_895More preparations to hand out free Bibambap to visitors.

20141025_134510_137Cooks with their full use of their bodies.

20141025_134531_320The contest place.

20141025_134432_159Streets of Hanok Village.

20141025_112114A blue sky makes the festival even better.

20141025_115234People taking souvenir photos.


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