Did You Catch a Fish?

2018 marks an important year for PyeongChang as host city of the Olympic Winter Games and Paralympic Winter Games. But beside that, the region of PyeongChang has also other things to offer.

Every year, from December to February, when the Odaecheon stream has a thick layer of ice, the PyeongChang Trout Festival takes place in Jinbu-myeon in the the PyeongChang district.

A big trout is welcoming you at the festival site.

The main attraction of this festival is ice fishing. A huge part of the river is prepared for visitors to catch their own trout. The stream is divided into five fishing parts (일반낚시) plus another fishing part with tents (가족낚시터).

A map of the festival site shows the whole area and activities.

You can make a reservation on the Korean website or just buy your tickets at the festival site directly. However, since the tickets are limited, making a reservation guarantees you a spot. The price ranges from 10.000 Won to 35.000 Won. If you are not a fishing professional and do not have any equipment, you can also buy it there. You will get a fishing rod with a fishing bait and a plastic bag for your capture. Most people bring their own stool and blankets to hold out for a long long time. Catching a fish is not that easy. Patience and luck is essential – we were not able to catch a fish within four hours.

The fishing equipment from the festival site.

The organizer has dug holes into the ice so after you obtained your tools you can directly start: choose your preferable hole, use your rod and wait. In random intervals the organizers will come with a car and a water tank filled with trouts. They release the fish into the water to ‘restock’.

The Odaecheon stream is crowded with people.
Everybody wants to catch a fish.

After a while in the cold, you might need to warm up or want to eat something. Near the fishing site is a huge warm tent where various foods and drinks are offered. The variety is big and you can try typical Korean snacks like fishcake, sausages, mandu, tteokbogi and much more.

If you want to have a break from fishing, you can get some snacks.

Besides ice fishing, the festival also offers other attractions, like riding snow rafting, 4-wheel ATVs, ice bikes, sledges, sleigh trains for the little ones, or just walking around the festival site enjoying the snow and ice sculptures.

Besides fishing, you can also try some other activities.
People enjoy their time at the festival.
The festival site is decorated with snow and ice sculptures.


How to get there?

By bus from Dong Seoul Bus Terminal: take an intercity bus to Jinbu (진부).
The Odaecheon Stream is a 7-min walk from the Jinbu Bus Terminal.

By car: Use the address for your navigation:
3562, Gyeonggang-ro, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do
강원도 평창군 진부면 경강로 3562 (진부면)

Please note that fishing is depending on the ice conditions.

Official website: http://www.festival700.or.kr/ (Korean only)

<This article was written by an official college student reporter of the 2018 PyeongChang Olympic & Paralympic Winter Games, WINNERS. Some contents might be different from official position of the Organizing Committee.>


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