Grab Your Popcorn and Make Yourself Comfortable

Good news for all fans of movies and TV shows! The world’s leading internet network service firm Netflix started its service in Korea from January 2016 on.

The service of the US based company is now available in more than 190 countries, offering 125 million hours of material and they are continuously extend their content. For 2016 Netflix plans to offer 31 new TV series and 24 movies and documentaries in all of their countries.

You can use Netflix on your computer, smartphone, tablet, game consoles and smart TV by using the Netflix App. People unfamiliar with the service are offered a one-month free-trial. You have the possibility to select between three options:

Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
1 screen

standard definition

2 screens


4 screens

Ultra HD

7.99 USD/month 9.99 USD/month 11.99 USD/month

I found a nice website that shows a list of movies and TV shows available on Netflix Korea. The website also shows in which languages and subtitles a movie or TV show is available.

Unfortunately, most Korean movies and TV shows do not have English subtitles as for now, but hopefully they will be added as well.


I found other website that updates new releases for frequently. Click here.

Source: NetflixThe Korean Herald, The Korea Times


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